Pacific Housing Research Network

Explore the latest research related to affordable and social housing in Pacific Housing Research Network (PHRN) sessions scheduled throughout the conference. The sessions feature panel discussions with leading researchers focusing on a broad range of issues within BC’s non-profit housing sector, and fall into four main pathways:

  • Building inclusive communities and what housing research can tell us about the elusive goal of social inclusion
  • The latest findings in a panel presentation about the link between rental housing and affordability
  • Innovative tools from housing researchers to help us measure the housing we have and housing we need
  • Impactful tools and programs to respond to homelessness


S07: Tooling up to Prevent Overdoses

About 90% of all overdose fatalities happen inside; washrooms are a particularly high-risk place for people who use drugs alone, even though Vancouver has eight public places for people to use drugs under supervision. This session examines the strategies and ideas that operators can implement immediately to increase washroom safety (with or without finances), and additional strategies such as peer engagement, shared spaces for drug consumption, agency overdose/drug policy, collaboration with health authorities, naloxone accessibility and more. 

Presenters: Shannon Riley, Clinical Educator, Overdose Emergency Response, Prevention, Vancouver Coastal Health; Marina Classen, TORO Organizer, DTES SRO Collaborative; Samantha Pranteau, TORO Organizer, DTES SRO Collaborative; Kimberly Murphy, Coordinator, Harm Reduction Services, Vancouver Coastal Health 
11/18/2018 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

M06: Building Lasting Capacity in Non-Profit Development

Sponsored by Vancity
This session highlights the tools available to help build capacity in the non-profit development sector. We will facilitate a constructive conversation around how we can tangibly build the sector, focusing on four tools: entrepreneurial non-profit development groups; innovative ways to bring equity and financing to non-profit developers; pros and cons of pooling and consolidating community assets; and, securing operating seed capital for internal organizational capacity. 
Presenters: Robert Brown, President, Catalyst Community Developments; Hadley Nelles, Business Manager, New Market Funds/New Commons Development; Kathy Stinson, CEO, Victoria Cool Aid Society
11/19/2018 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

S24: Extreme Heat Responses in Social Housing

Sponsored by BC Housing
Extreme hot weather events are becoming more intense, more frequent and longer lasting. It is expected that the intensity and frequency of forest fires, as well as the number of extreme hot days (above 30°C), is going to significantly increase across the province. This panel will provide an overview of the changing climate in B.C., a medical perspective on health risks, and a presentation on the guidelines and tools to mitigate the risks of extreme heat events.

Presenters: Magda Szpala, Senior Advisor, Sustainability, BC Housing; Tamsin Mills,  Sr. Sustainability Specialist Sustainability Group, City of Vancouver; Michael Schwandt, Medical Health Officer, Fraser Health Authority; Leigh Greenius (moderator) Sustainability Reporting Analyst, BC Housing
Asset Management
11/18/2018 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

M25: RTA: Implications for the Non-Profit Housing Sector

This session is currently full.
Are you concerned that fixed-term tenancy agreements are no longer possible? Is your organization struggling with how to deal with negative or potentially illegal activities? This session will explore how to address these issues, as well as questions around fixed-term tenancies for probationary/assessment purposes and the use of program agreements. Participants will get practical and realistic tips and suggestions, as well as the chance to ask questions about your own situation. 

Presenter: Damon Chisholm, Partner, Co-Chair - Commercial Real Estate, McMillan LLP
11/19/2018 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM