Virtual Tips


Be sure your system is ready to go for the conference!working on laptop

  1. Run this system check.
  2. View the desktop and/or tablet requirements here.

This year we’re trading handshakes for virtual high fives as we create socially distant spaces where we can continue to foster professional connections and future partnerships. Follow these tips to ensure your conference experience includes successful networking:

  1. Test out your technology in advance, and make sure all devices are charged.
  2. Join the event about 15 minutes in advance to troubleshoot any technology issues.
  3. Double check your time zone as the sessions take place during PST.
  4. Actively listen and participate in the sessions via the chat box. Please be mindful of keeping your questions topic specific and remaining respectful of all session participants. Though we support free speech and academic freedom, we reserve the right to delete comments submitted under aliases, or that contain spam, harassment, or attacks on an individual. Read our Event Conduct Policy to learn more. Any breach of the policy during the virtual conference yields the same consequences as an in-person violation.
  5. Mute your microphone.
  6. Set up a meeting space that reduces potential distractions and minimizes background noise as much as possible.
  7. If you choose to be on camera, position it properly at a stable eye level.
  8. Use headphones or a headset with a built-in microphone, when possible.
  9. Enjoy the conference and have fun!